The story behind the photos in, & title of

"Mafaili Ya Basenji"/"The Basenji Files".......

When I began my search for a background for the main frame
of this site, I envisioned a background of white fur pelt
(Basenji pelt) with a narrow strip of red fur down the left
border, so that it would tie in with the red fur of the fixed
Directory frame on the left. (We are still not satisfied with
the shown results of those pelts, but we are working on it.)

I had not even thought yet of a major photo-image to grace
the homepage of this site, nor the title, nor how the title
was to be shown. So I requested assistance from the
Basenji-List (an Email list of which I have been a member
since May, 1995) both for suggestions concerning the title,
and ideas &/or photo-images re white and red Basenji pelts.
Len Reddie sent me a wonderful photo that had appeared in
the 'Kenosha (Wisconsin, U.S.) News' to advertize the B.C.O.A.'s
National Specialty there in 1996. The photo was of
Edgie's Sophie Tucker. That photo demonstrated the
inate beauty of the Basenji face, and planted an image in my
mind of "mystery & intrigue", a mood which I suddenly decided
to emulate in the bannerhead of my planned site. I even tried
out a bannerhead using Sophie's photo. Needless to say,
I requested and obtained permission from the Kenosha News,
for the use of their photo (of which they sent me a colour
5"X7" print). And after quite a bit of help from some
Blisters (members of the Basenji-List Email group mentioned
above), I was able to contact Dani and J. H. Edgerton who
also sent me their permission to use this photo, just in case
I intended to use it. Which I still may do.
Who knows what the future holds. <GRIN>

My wife took a few close-up shots of our Adi (Chryola's
Adimu Aina), and with a bit of cropping and other photo
enhancements, one of those became the background for the
present title/bannerhead of the site.

Prior to this, several 'Blisters' had suggested many titles
for the site, but when that photo came to light, with its
inately mysterious mood, one title, "The Basenji Files"
(which had been suggested by Joan Dalgleish), seemed to
surface in my thoughts most often. Also a current and
popular T.V. series called "The 'X' Files" seemed to tie
these two elements to-gether. And to top it all off, I
pinged on using a Swahili translation of that title to
make it not too obvious a connection, but also give it a
little African flavour. That was achieved by contacting
Martin Benjamin, Editor of the Kamusi Project
(which includes the 'Internet Living Swahili Dictionary'),
a Yale University Program in African Languages.

Donald Parkes

This entire website, Mafaili Ya Basenji, Copyright 1998-2010, Donald Parkes, MusBach.

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