The most common reason why some viewers of this site
(and a great many other sites, I am sure)
are not able to see parts of the website
without having to do a lot of scrolling
is because their 'screen resolution'
is likely set for '640X480 pixels'
instead of '800X600 pixels'.
This latter setting will allow their screens
to take in a greater amount of detail,
but every bit of that detail will be smaller
to fit into their monitor/screen size.

The "640X480 pixel-view" on your screen means
that at any one time, you could (if you really wanted to)
count 640 pixels across your screen,
and 480 pixels down your screen.
Mind you, I do not recommend doing that,
since you might go blind in the attempt.
The "800X600 pixel-view" on your screen
means that at any one time, you could
count 800 pixels across your screen,
and 600 pixels down your screen.
The latter is the normal settings these days.....
you will get more on your screen,
but everything will be reduced in size to make that happen.
You get more visible data at the expense of text and image sizes.
The pixel size reduction is only 20%,
but that should be enough to stop your need for scrolling.

OK, then how do I get more data on my desktop?

    Here's how!.....
    .....In Windows95, or Windows98

  1. Right-click on any empty space on your Windows desktop.
  2. Choose 'Properties'.
  3. Click on the 'Settings' tab.
  4. In the resulting control panel,
    you will see the part called "Desktop Area" which there is a 'slider'
    that you click and hold, and move to the right or left.
    Likely your screen resolution is set for '640X480'.
    Reset it for '800X600' by moving the slider just enough
    to the right to make the reading go to '800X600'.
    Your new setting takes effect immediately after
    you click "OK".

If you do not like the effect, just reverse the procedure.
But give it a little experimentation time first......
you will be glad that you did.
And I don't think that you will ever go back to '640X480'.

And then check out our site again using this new setting.
And, please let me know what you think of the results.
I will need to research this problem more for other O/Ss.
You will be helping me, and others, by doing so.

Now, if you use another O/S (like a MAC),
or another viewing software (like Win3.1, or Win98),
then you likely will have to find the appropriate
info in their files.......just do a 'Search'/'Find'.
And let me know what you did (in detail)
so that I can report it to others.

Don Parkes