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There are over 1,100 websites now listed here,
in this, the Web's largest
"Basenji Reference Library".

MAFAILI YA BASENJI represents what we hope will
be a continually-growing collection of Basenji- & Canine/
Sighthound-related websites for your Basenji research
pleasure. This collection is certainly not complete
by any means, but it does represent a large number of
resource sites for your research into the many facets
of Basenji owning/breeding/handling/feeding/training/
caring/loving. Obviously the compiler of this
collection can take no responsibility for incorrect
information provided by the authors of any items in
this collection. .........Donald Parkes

The compiler of MAFAILI YA BASENJI, Donald Parkes,
has asked Dr. Martin Benjamin, Editor of the Kamusi Project,
to say a few words about the title of this website......

MAFAILI YA BASENJI is Swahili for "The Basenji Files".
Swahili, the most widely-spoken African language, has
a long history, and a complex grammar which reflects
many centuries of interactions between the peoples of
coastal East Africa, central Africa, and Arabia. As
with European languages, words to describe new concepts
are either derived from existing terms or borrowed
from other languages. Many Swahili terms for items
found in offices, such as 'computer' ('kompyuta')
and 'typewriter' ('taipu'), are adaptions of English
words; the word for 'file' ('faili', pronounced "filee")
is another Swahili word of English origin. When words
enter Swahili, they are incorporated grammatically into
a system of 18 noun classes, one example of which is
'mafaili' (pronounced "ma-filee"), the plural of 'faili'.
"Welcome to the Basenji Files.....Karibuni Mafaili Ya Basenji!"
			Dr. Martin Benjamin, Editor
			Kamusi Project
			Internet Living Swahili Dictionary
			Yale University Program in African Languages


At present, the volunteers who monitor the 16 pages of Mafaili Ya Basenji are: Pia Palmblad-Wright, Lisa Voss, Margaret Parkes, and Donald Parkes.

If you wish to volunteer to monitor a page (or two) of this, "the largest Basenji Reference Library in the Web" , please contact Donald Parkes for details.

Although the MAFAILI YA BASENJI website refers to being particularly
a "Basenji" website, it is really divided into two
sections, as shown in the SITE DIRECTORY
in the navigational sidebar to the left......
1. Websites Relating Directly to Basenjis
2. Canine/Sighthound-Related Websites with a Basenji Slant

Websites can be very transitory.....many last a long
time, but others appear and die quickly, so expect
some dead 'hits' as time progresses. In order to assist
your fellow Basenji-researchers, please let me know
about any problems that you may have with any site
in this collection. Any additions &/or corrections
will be gratefully considered, and should be sent
to...... Donald Parkes .

Now, let us proceed to the SITE DIRECTORY on
the left side of your screen, and start your hunt for
THE "B" FILES which you have always thought existed,
but were afraid to ask "Where?"
Here they are...... smiling shifty Enjoy......

This entire website, Mafaili Ya Basenji, Copyright 1998-2008, Donald Parkes, MusBach.

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Who are we? Visit.....
The Parkes' Homepage

People who have graciously assisted with the development of this website:
Lynn Arrand, Martin Benjamin, Debra Brown-Thompson, Mike and Debby Donker,
Brenda Franklin, Joanne Free, Margaret Parkes, Naranja Persson, Len Reddie,
Mike Swan, Anni Toikka, Sally Wallis, and George Woodward.

Since this site is always under development, parts of it will likely be updated on a daily basis.

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