Mish at eight months.

BIS Can/SAV, Am. Int. Ch Mankia's Mishindi V.S.R. V.O.T.R.

Owner: Lynn and Denis Arrand

Mish was the only male in the litter. He was a winner and a keeper from the
moment he was born. He was born to show and show he did. Nothing could stop
this wonderful, fun loving, mischievous Basenji. He started showing as soon
as he was 6 months old and he never looked back. His last show was September,
2005. He was entered in Veteran sweeps the day he died. His illustrious career
carried with it many firsts. He finished his Can. Championship the day before
he turned six months old. By the time he was eight months old he had won Best
Puppy and Best of Opposite Sex at the Canadian National Specialty under breeder
judge Cheryl Myers Egerton. The following day at the Alberta Hound Specialty he
won the breed and went on to win a Group second with 204 hounds entered. This
also gave him Best Puppy in that Specialty. The following week he took a Best
Puppy in Show in Edmonton. All of this and he was still only eight months old.
Mish enjoyed showing but more than that he loved the girls and he loved puppies.
He left behind many offspring and descendants of those offspring. Many of these
went on to become Champions, Racers and well loved pets. One even attained her
Tracking Dog Excellent title. Mish was number one Basenji in Canada in 1995.
He was also our first home bred Best in Show Dog. He was our first Basenji to
win a Group placement in the U.S. and he did this under breeder judge Geraldeen
Crandell. After his retirement from the campaign trail he started his racing
career. He became a favourite at the straights and oval races in Ontario. At
the age of twelve he restarted his show career at the IABAC International shows
and very quickly attained his 6 V1 ratings to attain his SAV and International
Championship. He also won Best Veteran in Show. In 2004 at the age of almost
fifteen Mish went Best Veteran in Sweeps at the Canadian National. He was known
for his movement. and right to the end, "Mish was still Moving and still having
Fun." Mishindi means "winner" in Swahili and a winner he was, a winner of hearts,
a winner in the ring and a winner in everything he did. Rest in Peace dear one.
You are and always will be missed.

Lynn Arrand

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Mish sleeping with his
toys in his cuddle bed.

This photo was taken in
August 2005, just before he died.