The Howling Silhouette - Sunny's Head

I was looking for some kind of image/motif that I could
postion at the head of each section of "The 'B' Files".
I would need about 15 of them, since there are fifteen
sections (at the present time.....but that number may
change as time progresses). I had always admired Brenda
Franklin's Basenji sketches inserted in various sections
of the Basenji Club of Canada's Newsletter, so I asked
her if she would do one for this website. They would be
little thumbnail sketches, and I suggested that a
barooing Basenji would be appropriate. Brenda asked me
to obtain and send to her any images that I might be able
to acquire as a model of what I was looking for. So, again,
I put out an enquiry to the 'Blist', and I also looked
around for images of same from other sources. I sent to her
all that I was able to find; but one photo sent to me by
Joanne Free of her two Basenjis, Sunny and Giza,
really caught my eye. You can really see that these two
are really enjoying a good howl. Sunny is on the left,
and Giza is on the right. Because the photo came out
as virtually a 'silhouette' against the window served my
purposes perfectly. I cropped Sunny's head (basically
because I liked the position of his ears better......
sorry, Giza), made a mirror image of it (so it would
face the text in the website), reduced it to the size
that would best suit its purpose, and then saved it.

As Joanne Free says,
"My Sunny is now imortalized in cyberspace."

Donald Parkes

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